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What does it cost to get your message in front of 2000 prospects?

For sales and marketing leaders it can be quite frankly exhausting coming up with new and innovative ways to drive brand engagement and sales opportunities into the pipeline. Whether your marketing is led by a strong digital presence for the more emotive buyer or instead the face to face activity that builds relationships with a more considered and researched buyer, marketers should always be on the lookout for new ideas to engage with their audience.

Memories are linked to emotion

As we become saturated by digital content – take for example adverts that invade our social media or unsolicited emails that bombard our inbox , buyers are slowly extricating themselves from the digital world in order to protecting their privacy. This may be seen by increasing unsubscribe rates and the blocking of access to our personal data for relevant paid for advertising. By expanding our channels of communication with our customers we can influence those who are unreceptive to the digital landscape, increase brand engagement and ultimately our ROI.

It is true that our clearest memories are linked to our strongest emotions. It stands to reason therefore that if we want a prospect to remember our brand then we should aim to create an emotional connection with them. Consider the emotional connection that your brand has with your top customers for a moment – do you know why they buy from you and what their feelings are towards your brand? It is generally safe to assume that your top customers will have a very strong emotional connection with the brand – whether this is a feeling of happiness, quality, safety, luxury, value for money or other positive association.

So how can we create this emotional connection with more of our prospects and turn more of them into top customers? Here we divulge an innovative method that you can build into your sales & marketing plan to increase your revenue and generate a measured ROI.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is all about creating a positive feeling about your brand. Some companies do this really well and achieve huge financial rewards from it. The trick is to give people what makes them happy at a price point that makes sense. And this is where COFFEE comes in. Coffee is the second biggest commodity in the world after oil. This means people LOVE it. Every year more and more of us are drinking coffee – to many of us it is a treat that has a positive health effect (although this can be disputed, the British Medical Journal covered research that proved 4 coffees a day improves performance).

And even better? Coffee can be taken out on the road to your prospect, making it easy for them to get something they love without disrupting their daily routine. It is so effective because the time taken to make a coffee allows a conversation to flow and offers an environment that prospects feel very comfortable in. Clever marketers are getting in front of prospects that were previously unobtainable as it is being done at their place of business, whilst encouraging them to chat openly as they would in a coffee shop environment. Hey presto, relationship started or strengthened.


Measurable cost of engagement

So you may be wondering about the cost of brand engagement and how this translates to ROI? Having completed many road tours we have got this down to a fine art. Our latest 2 week tour of the UK delivered the following output:

  • 43 companies visited
  • 2000 coffees made / prospects engaged with
  • Cost per engagement £4.80

All that’s left to work out is the ROI. Depending on your acquisition method, this could translate to sign-ups, sales leads, revenue generation – the opportunities are endless. This specific tour resulted in around a 280% uplift in sales pipeline.

Worth considering?

if you’re looking at ways to generate strong ROI from your marketing budget we’d be happy to discuss ideas that may be suitable for your audience. Get in contact with us at We’d be happy to help discuss options for short campaigns or longer promotional tours.

By Beth Baxter


Camper Cafe Ltd

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