Keeping you safe

With so much at stake during the Covid pandemic, we’ve addressed our processes to keep you and your colleagues safe, whilst allowing everyone to enjoy our coffee service. Our set-up and serving procedures have all been considered and we’re happy to work with Covid officers on site at any production or event.

Our set-up allows us to maintain social distancing, with our serving bar forming a natural barrier without any awkwardness. We are Covid trained and we sanitise our surfaces and hands regularly. We have minimal touch procedures to avoid transmission, and write names on our cups to avoid someone from picking up the wrong one! Of course, we wear suitable PPE, and everything is handed to our customers in a way that minimises touch points. Food is prepared with the greatest of attention to hygiene and either packaged in separate containers or presented in a way that avoids cross contamination.

We have adapted our menus to suit foods that can be individually collected and we prepare everything to take away easily. We ask everyone to sanitise their hands before they approach the bar area and to wear masks. We think it’s important for everyone to be respectful and will continue to assess the needs of each event we attend to ensure we keep everyone safe.

Contact us to discuss attending your event!