Coffee- the answer to experiential marketing in 2019?

Consider your average professional’s daily routine……it typically involves waking up, grabbing a coffee, perhaps some breakfast, before heading out the door for a busy day in the office. Quite often there’s a coffee break mid-morning to keep you focused until lunch time.When there are targets to meet, deliverables to fulfil, bosses and customers to please; a small indulgence can give you something to look forward to and often forms a moment’s escape from the daily routine.

Coffee – the trend for experiential marketing in 2019

As marketers, it helps to give our audience something they want – that will grab their attention for a moment. 2019 will be the year for clever marketers to embrace coffee within experiential marketing strategies to generate sales leads and raise customer awareness. The good news is that coffee has been proven to be good for you – and not just one coffee a day, but 4 coffees a day is stated as improving performance according to the British Medical Journal. Which means we no longer need to feel guilty about the amount of coffee we consume, leading to a huge rise in demand for the now second biggest commodity in the world. In a world which has already embraced coffee culture, where there are proven health benefits to such a luxurious treat, the most savvy experiential marketing experts have already started bringing coffee into their marketing campaigns. But what makes coffee the answer to marketing in 2019 and how can we maximise its potential? We explore why coffee is such a great tool for today’s marketers.


  1. Coffee gets people talking. The whole idea behind experiential marketing is that it brings people together and gets communication flowing.  While you’re waiting for a coffee it’s hard to be silent and disengaged. Having a discussion about what the difference between a flat white and cortado is, what the latest trends in coffee bean roasting is, how the latte art is achieved on a beautiful coffee, or what a customer’s personal preference is opens the door for a relaxed and open conversation about business or more personal topics. It builds trust and respect which which to base or develop a relationship. After all, it’s good to talk.
  2. Great coffee promotes brand loyalty on a budget. Within most company’s budgets it’s hard to bring luxury to a high volume of people. Coffee is a perfect way of doing just this. Of course, you need to ensure that the quality of the coffee is high, but get it right and coffee is a cost effective way of making your target market feel like they’ve been spoilt. You’ll get those endorphins going and, guess what? those warm, fuzzy feelings for you will be flying all over the place. What a great way to make your target market feel. The true benefit of delivering luxury is that you earn brand loyalty – if people love your brand then of course they’ll buy from you, who isn’t loyal to the brands they love?
  3. Social Media activity will go through the roof. People love taking photos, sharing and blogging about their experiences. If you can pull off a cool and quirky looking set-up, some great looking coffee and an all-encompassing exciting experience then who wouldn’t want to share it with their friends, colleagues and, nowadays, the whole world? Hey presto, your brand is suddenly everywhere! And all this social media is for free too -a double bonus!
  4. Coffee gives a brand energy. Caffeine aside, coffee creates a buzz because it’s so popular with such a wide audience. It’s a non-intrusive and non-threatening environment to so many of us, which is why it’s so popular. In effect, it’s very hard to turn a good coffee down. So, looking to generate sales leads? Coffee is one of the best ways to draw in the crowd.

Camper Cafe has worked with many sales and marketing teams within leading brands to help generate sales leads and promote brand loyalty through our event coffee services. If you’re looking at experiential marketing campaigns and would like to discuss what we have to offer and how to maximise your return on investment, please drop us a line and we’ll be happy to share our experiences with you. In the meantime feel free to browse our instagram account to see what we’ve been up to lately.

Happy planning!

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