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Coffee vans that stand apart.

Camper Café has been providing coffee vans since 2011. Over the years we have built a reputation with our unique service offering – combining unique, vintage coffee vans with the very best quality coffee and craft services.

We are proud to work with leading brands, top films, commercial production teams and high profile events where we can really make an impact and bring an element of surprise. We thrive on getting involved and creating exciting experiences.

It’s no longer just about serving the best flat white, it’s about getting people together. We work hard to create a space where people can chat, feel comfortable and enjoy a short pause to experience a moment of indulgence.  This works perfectly to thank your team for their hard work, engage customers with your brand, launch a new product, or simply to cater for an event. We’d love to get involved with yours.

Explore how our coffee vans have been used for:

We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of mobile coffee with state of the art technology including integrated Wi-Fi, unique set-ups, highly qualified project management, outstanding baristas and impeccable service levels. Our aim is to surprise and delight at every event, without fail.

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TV & Film
Location Services

Keep your TV, film or commercial production crew alert and happy with our with artisan coffee and craft services.

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Coffee Vans

Our branded coffee vans deliver outstanding engagement for brand activations, marketing lead generation campaigns and exhibition giveaways

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Coffee Vans

Let us bring the coffee to you with our mobile coffee vans. Serving the very best artisan coffee on the move.

Pop Up Coffee Services from Camper Cafe

Coffee Solutions

Our event coffee services can cope with the very busiest of events in remote locations, with multiple coffee vans available for larger events.

Our Clients


Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, from production companies to consumer brands, public sector bodies and corporate organisations. Every one of them has a different purpose and we get excited by each and every one of them. We can’t wait to work with you.

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