Two awesome marketing campaigns in 2023

So another year is well underway, and as we approach the summer event season, we’ve already seen some brilliant examples of experiential marketing campaigns. Those clever marketers who come up trumps time and again, reap the rewards of brand awareness, engagement, viral behaviour, and ultimately growth. Because that’s what this is all about, isn’t it? The number 1 metric for marketing campaigns and marketing as a function is growth. If this is something you’re looking to achieve then you may find that a growth marketing agency is worth it to get your growth momentum going.

Here we look at a couple of brilliant experiential marketing campaigns already carried out to get your creative ideas flowing. Maybe one of them is right for you.

Marriott Sales Tour

This Spring Marriott Sales tour saw a branded coffee van tour the UK visiting customers to thank them for their business. Stopping at 4 businesses a day, over a week-long period it touched over 1000 people, giving them coffee and treats. The fact that people have to wait a few minutes to get their coffee means that it’s an ideal opportunity for Marriott to engage with everyone, building relationships, signing them up to their Bonvoy reward scheme, and informing them of their corporate deals. This activity has resulted in a 280% uplift on the sales pipeline.

Wireless Solutions WiFi Marketing

Ever wonder what the best method to reach someone is? Well, look no further than your phone. Most of us are addicted and we simply can’t get enough news, information, and communication (some may call it gossip!). And it feels like we need the news before anyone else.

So this leads to my next neat marketing campaign – a WiFi-enabled marketing campaign from Wireless Solutions. When at events, users are connecting their phones to WiFi networks. By broadcasting your brand as a WiFi network, you’ll gain instant visibility of the name. Go further by adding a splash page when someone joins the network and you can include giveaways, promotional messages or even data capture to access the WiFi.

The best opportunities to sponsor the WiFi are at events, or venues with heavy footfall where networks are in high demand. An area of high contention means that more people will seek alternative WiFi networks to 4G/5G. Wireless Solutions can provide a branded event WiFi service as a marketing campaign for you.

Top Tip: Seek an event/exhibition/conference where your users are in attendance and promote free WiFi. People will naturally find your network and register. Capture key information in a form in return for free WiFi. You’ll get brand visibility and data, what’s not to love?


If you’re a marketer, think outside the box of ways to engage naturally with people – in ways they feel comfortable. A coffee, over WiFi, it’s a natural daily activity for people across the globe which is why it works so well. See why coffee is the most powerful way to engage with your audience.

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