Can coffee really increase your sales?

Following the second and final day of the South East cluster Marriott tour I’m now a convert that this is a great way to do business. Having worked with the business to visit 8 customers (people that book hotel rooms and meetings with the Hotel chain) I can already see the success of the tour.

The objective was to get closer to these customers, Marriott could see more potential within each business and wanted to build relationships with key members of staff. At the first stop of the day only a few of the members of staff were known to Marriott Hotels. They met many more administrative staff who they have discussed having further meetings with to help them understand their new meetings imagined concept. The staff at Infinity loved the concept.

At the second customer, they started to discover how another hotel, located in the town centre was favoured over Marriott because they felt the location- having easy access to all the night life of Norwich was important. With personal service also at the top of the client’s requirements, Marriott has come up with an idea to provide a personal chauffeur service for this customer, offering access to town and a personal service.

The third client told Marriott of a third arm to their business and agreed to make introductions for us. Here we are with all of them

Finally, a UK leasing insurance company possibly provided the best return on investment for Marriott Hotels. A senior employee that was not normally within reach of the account manager came down and discussed the old and new services provided by Marriott and got to know the team. He visited the website and was an instant convert. 1 night a week’s stay and all their meetings were committed to Marriott. 2 other PA’s that book all the meetings for the senior exec team were also engaged.

Having seen the success of just 2 days I’d highly recommend this as a way to increase existing business from customers. Next week we’re off again visiting 24 key accounts. Let’s hope Marriott can cope with the demands!

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