5 YouTube Channels to Learn About Barista Skills

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Do you plan to pursue a career as a barista? Or do you dream of having your own little coffee shop? Whether it’s the fresh smell of ground beans or the hissing sound of an espresso machine, the world of coffee holds a unique attraction that lures in enthusiasts from all walks of life.

While taking a barista class can be cost-demanding, YouTube can be an alternative learning platform for you. We’ve listed five YouTube channels that can guide you to become a barista, from understanding coffee beans to learning brewing techniques and making late art. Let’s get to know them!

Morgan Eckroth 

Image source: YouTube/Morgan Eckroth

Morgan Eckroth is a popular barista content creator, especially on TikTok and YouTube. Her love for coffee has made her a US Barista Champion of 2022.

While her TikTok mainly focuses on entertainment content, her YouTube channel dives into brewing skills and coffee expertise. You can learn various types of beans, coffee tutorials, and try-on machines.

With over 320 videos on her channel, Morgan has garnered 1.22 million subscribers. She also has been featured in various magazines about her career and achievements as a barista. 

Artisti Coffee Roasters

Image source: YouTube/ArtistiCoffeeRoasters

Artisti Coffee Rosters is an Australia-based YouTube channel run by a skillful barista team. They are specialty roasters who share knowledge of coffee beans, roasting methods, and related equipment.

Their videos are high quality and beginners friendly. One of the most-watched videos on the channel explains the most common coffees and how to make them, which gained 1.3 million views.

You can find more exciting content, from fundamental skills to create latte arts to how a professional barista works. They also have content explaining coffee machinery to coach beginner baristas.

Coffee to Art

Image source: YouTube/CoffeetoArt

With over 90K subscribers and a collection of 118 videos, Coffee to Art is a channel to learn the expertise of a barista. Latte art takes center stage, accompanied by a wealth of tricks, tips, and insights to elevate your barista skills.

You can learn from the most basic skills of latte art, such as how to steam milk correctly and get the perfect milk texture. On top of that, the latte art tutorial is packed with valuable tips suitable for baristas of all levels.

Chao Coffee and Tea

Image source: YouTube/Chao Coffee and Tea

Chao Coffee and Tea is a place to go if you want to start a coffee shop or beverage business. Hosted by Riza Sripetchvandee from Bangkok, Thailand, she shares many café recipes, from coffee to fruit-based beverages. 

Her content stretches from coffee machine reviews to frape tutorials and cost-saving tips. You can also learn how to make homemade coffees for your everyday dose. With over 600 videos, Chao Coffee and Tea has garnered 228K subscribers.

Riza Sripetchvandee is a well-known woman entrepreneur who has expanded her knowledge to many countries. She is also an avid webinar speaker and has posted several books about the beverage business.

Ethan Rode

Image source: YouTube/Ethan Rode

Ethan Rode is another coffee enthusiast that has generated over 580K subscribers on YouTube. His videos are mostly short. With clear and straightforward elaboration, his videos allow you to learn new things quickly. 

If you’re new to the coffee venture, he has essential content that explains coffee beans. Many of his videos are homemade coffee recipes suitable for beginners. Also, you can get valuable tips and creative recipes.


These five YouTube channels can be your virtual mentors to become a skillful barista. Build good knowledge of basic ingredients for making coffee, like various beans and milk. Then, familiarize yourself with coffee machinery and tools from experienced baristas. 

Continue your journey by learning various techniques to make common coffee types, such as espresso, americano, or latte. You can get tips and insights from the above channels, whether to enhance your skill or start a business.

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