PR for Mobile Coffee Business Berkshire

A couple of weeks ago we entered our first business competition. After spending a few months chatting about ideas, opportunities and where we want to take the business whilst Will had a break from his contracts, we thought we’d see what opportunity there is out there to make this business really happen.

This comes with a whole set of new questions and challenges though and our biggest challenge is that we would really need to find a venue to sell coffee at during the week which has a high footfall to stand a chance of making the business work. We tried a few business parks but it seems like the competition have got a lot of them sown up already.

Whilst reading the local paper get Reading one week I saw the chance to enter a competition offering free advertising and business mentoring with Deborah Meaden if you win. It’s part of the Local Business Accelerator scheme, a scheme between local business leaders and newspapers to boost local businesses. I applied and put it to the back of my mind. A few weeks later Will gets a call from the Newspaper asking for an interview in response to our application. Why did they choose us? I’m not too sure – maybe it’s because it’s a fun and unique business, maybe they only had one entry……

So Will spent some time with the reporter only to find there is a write up in the paper this week. We’ve already therefore benefited by having some publicity and we’re really excited about the prospect of winning even a regional mentor to help guide us with some advice. Like all business owners we’re really passionate about Camper Cafe and just keen to spend more time on it.

If you are interested in entering the link is

It’s worth a go……..

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