Possibly the first mobile internet cafe……..

As from 2013 Camper Café will be offering a unique service amidst its already growing repertoire, free Wi-Fi to all its customers. We believe this is a first in the UK mobile coffee scene and has been undergoing rigorous testing for over 4 months with very positive results.

We envisage the main users will be VW camper owners and enthusiasts who love to get away from all the hustle and bustle of their everyday jobs and let their hair down in a remote field with friends, drinking lots of alcohol (responsibly of course) and dancing to some very loud live music.

With all the fun from the night before, many hangovers can be spent with a fresh cup of coffee and Danish whilst browsing, uploading and commenting on social media sites as well as checking the latest football scores or whatever…….

Along with these most people now expect the convenience of having their smartphone, tablet or laptop always connected to the internet to interact with the outside world as a major part of the new social interaction.

Come find us at our next event, enjoy a coffee and ease of browsing the web.

by Beth

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