Camper cafe provides personal coffee service to lululemon

Camper Cafe was delighted to work with Lululemon, a Canadian sportswear brand to support a special event held at their Regent Street flagship store in aid of International Women’s Day. The event was in honour of a specially selected group of incredible women – entrepreneurial leaders who all support other women in their own way and promote confidence and self-determination. Our personal coffee service was requested to offer the 18 high profile guests an intimate and interactive coffee experience to help encourage the guests to network over lunch and conversation. The retreat involved a personal shopping experience, photo shoot and dinner – all kept wonderfully secret from the unaware guests until the day.

“Thank you so much for the amazing coffee and for your complete willingness to be up for our intimate event and barista in the base experiment! Thank you again, we loved it and so did the Lululemon team and community manager”

The private corporate service utilised our smallest set-up, a 1 group level coffee machine and succeeded in involving the customer in the coffee making experience, educating those that were interested on the merit of a good expresso as we poured, rather than churning out the coffee without the benefit of understanding the sensitivity of the process.. It needed to interact with the guests to encourage a sense of patience, calm, openness and appreciation in conjunction with the rest of the day.

Small Corporate Coffee Service

“Being adaptable enough to able to respond to Lululemon’s requirements quickly is what I love about being a small business owner. With just 18 fascinating and admirable people in a small space, it didn’t warrant a full scale and impersonal pop-up, so we came up with this solution which revolved more around the barista service and experience, supported by first class coffee.” says Beth Baxter, Co-Founder of Camper Cafe.

The event was a huge success, with the Lululemon inspiring openness, empowerment and collaboration through listening to help each other learn from one another’s strengths. I, for one, have learnt to give others the space to talk and express their feelings and ideas in the hope that I can benefit from their insights. Well done the Lululemon team on celebrating each and every woman’s beauty, skills and contribution to this community.

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