Hiring a mobile coffee cart? Here’s what you should consider

If you’re not a regular at hiring a mobile coffee cart or coffee van here is a buying guide to help you achieve your goals. Not all coffee vans are the same, so you’ll need to identify which ones will work for you.


  1. Size and look. Depending on where you want the van, you may need to consider the size and manoeuvrability of a mobile coffee van. Ask for dimensions and discuss if there is a very tight space to get into or no turning circle as some are towed into place. This isn’t something you need to think about if you are in an open field but in a small, confined space like a wedding marquee and you may struggle with some coffee vans. Most people like a coffee cart to look good so make sure you check out pictures on the website as there are plenty of unique and vintage options out there which are bespoke so your guests will have a unique experience.


  1. Product range (what’s included in the price?). It may advertise itself as a coffee cart but nowadays they can offer so much more. Ranges of teas, soft drinks, snacks and alternate hot drinks like hot chocolate, Chai Latte, Horlicks etc are common nowadays and you may be able to reduce your costs by consolidating suppliers. Ask what they provide as standard and if you have special requests whether they can accommodate this. If you’re hiring a coffee van then you need to know what’s included in the price so you can compare like for like.


  1. Energy and water requirements. Talk to suppliers about their power options. If you’re hiring a coffee van for a wedding then you don’t really want a noisy generator banging on in the background. If you can’t offer power then can they run on gas? If you are expecting demand for drinks to be high, and can’t offer a power supply you may want a coffee cart that runs on both a generator and gas so they can speed up production to cope with the demand. Also think about whether there will be a water supply nearby otherwise you may need to ask how big a water tank your supplier has. Much less than 50 litres and they may not cope with more than a couple of hundred drinks.


  1. Customer Service. Speak to the owners of the business to get a feel of their levels of customer service. If they go beyond the call of duty to deal with your enquiry and get back to you on time then chances are they’ll deliver the goods at your event. Coffee barista’s should be really friendly as they’re often serving your guests and you want to make sure they have a good time. By talking to the company you’ll get a feel of who they are and whether they’ll be able to impress your guests. There may also be background information on the owners on their website.


  1. Price. Cost is always important and it helps to brief a mobile coffee company well. Tell them the date, timings of service, how many guests or attendees you’re expecting, what products you’d like to be available and also whether you want to pay for the hire and your guests receive free drinks and food, or if you want people to pay individually. You’ll then receive an accurate quote tailored to your needs.


  1. Quality of coffee. Don’t be afraid to ask – how were the barista’s trained? What coffee beans do they use? How many shots of coffee go into their standard drink? What size cups do they use? If you’re paying for coffee, make sure it’s going to taste good. Look for recommendations on their websites also.


If you research these options you should find you are able to hire a coffee cart or mobile coffee van to suit your requirements and impress your guests. We’d love to help if you’re hiring a coffee van for your event, simply get in touch.

by Beth Baxter


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