Craft Services 2020 – Camper Cafe introduces grazing tables

Camper Cafe has been providing craft services for film & TV productions and commercials since 2011. Over the years we have witnessed a rise in demand in the UK for the service, which originally stemmed from America. In addition to the increase in demand in the UK from production companies like Netflix, the quality has also become increasingly under scrutiny. No longer does an average coffee and a biscuit cut the mustard. We’re talking about good food, healthy options that meet a dietary and food that looks good.

Introducing Craft Services grazing tables

Camper Cafe believes that craft services shouldn’t just be about piling a load of sugary snacks on a table. We all owe it to ourselves to try and include healthy options in our diet, and with a type 1 diabetic at the helm, we look to promote healthy eating as an option (even if the sugary snacks are sometimes needed to keep us going). We therefore introduced grazing tables to our craft offering as they encourage us to eat nutritious whole food that feeds the brain and body in the right way. Ultimately giving us the right kind of energy and reducing the sugar highs and lows that can give us the afternoon slump!

Typical Craft Services Grazing Tables from Camper Cafe

Our grazing tables have been going down a storm- the social media mentions have been rocketing as people are intrigued and amazed by the selection on offer and how impressive it looks. If you’re looking for a special treat for your crew then this is certainly something you should be offering in 2020. If it’s your job to keep your workforce happy then our grazing tables will do the job, we can create them with your crew in mind.

Contact us about our grazing tables

If you’d like to discuss our craft services or grazing tables just get in touch with us via or call 07871 598162 and speak to Beth. We’d love to spread the wonder!

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