Business kindness goes a long way

It’s not every day you get a really good piece of kindness from someone. In fact I’d say it happens quite rarely in business – you have to go out and work really hard to win and retain business. However, on Friday I was at my day job and I had a call – it was from a lovely lady who owns a catering company. She caters for film sets and production crew and was asked to do a job which she just couldn’t fulfil. Rather than turning down the business and saying she was unavailable she decided to take a different view. She wanted to keep this customer of hers happy and source a company who could meet her clients requirements. She therefore enlisted our help and in turn also gave our business a really great opportunity.

So I can now say I’ve experience a real example of customer service which has amazed me and I now think this woman is fantastic. Fantastic for keeping her client happy and fantastic for giving us an opportunity which we really appreciate. In fact since this initial call she has given us another piece of work and is starting to refer us without asking for anything in return.

I only feel now that I would like to be able to return the favour and I wonder how. I suppose I can be loyal to her and  help her out as much as I can to satisfy her clients, and I can go to the difficult to reach shoots which maybe are a bit more of a headache to her. It’s certainly made me feel very loyal to her which goes to show that in the film industry it’s all one big family and it’s a really nice one to be in!

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