2012 – what a year!

As we come to the end of 2012 and look forward to 2013 we’ve been reviewing with fond memories the year we’ve had. In only our second year of business it’s astounding at what you can achieve. Our highlights have been as follows:

  • We’ve made it through to the final 5 of the Reading local business accelerator awards to be announced in 2013
  • We’ve picked up some amazing work at Pinewood studios offering craft services to the production crews. Special thanks to Fiona Gilbert for making this happen – we owe you a big one!
  • We’ve worked for other corporates including Foxtons, Kudos film & television, Spy TV series, Intel commercial shoot, BBC, Hat Trick productions
  • We’ve got into many Oxford farmers markets and loved meeting new acquiantances there
  • Throughout Movember we supported the Fix events Movember runs – thanks for the opportunity Dave!
  • We’ve done Henley and Marlow regatta
  • We’ve already been booked up for 7 events through allabouttriathlons for 2013
  • We’ve had training from the UK barista champion himself to perfect our Latte’s
  • Although the early summer was a bit of a washout we still remain loyal to our beloved Volkswagen events and look forward to attending more in 2013.

So all that remains is to say thank you to all customers, events organisers and clients who have made this such an amazing year. We’ve loved every second of it. We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year and we’ll see you after the break


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